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There decades of experience in this industry has enabled them to offer comprehensive advice regarding the optimal solution for your particular staircase, based on your own specific requirements. They pride themselves on taking the time to understand the needs of their customers, and on delivering sound, professional and friendly advice. With their help, you will be well equipped to make an informed final decision on the best stairlift for you.

There products and services include:

  • New and reconditioned models;
  • Stairlifts to fit straight and curved staircases;
  • Next-day installation;
  • Care and repair;
  • Stairlift rental (both straight and curved).

Included in the installation of your new lift, their highly trained staff will ensure that you are comfortable and confident with its operation.

Brands: Acorn, Brooks, Meditek, Platinum and Stannah

Business Services

Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts

Stairlift Buyers – We Buy Unwanted Stairlifts

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If you’re wondering who buys second hand stairlifts, then look no further. If you have a Stairlift which you no longer require then, as stairlift buyers, we may buy it back.
If you have an Acorn, Brooks, Bison Bede, Meditek, or Stannah Stairlift that’s up to 5 years old and is in good condition our professional engineers will remove it with the minimum of fuss and pay you there and then.

Stairlift Services

Stairlift Services

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Stair lift Care & Repair

Stairlift Removal Repairs Installation - MaintenanceWelcome to the Care & Repair Cover Plan by Associated Stairlifts Ltd.

By choosing one of our Care & Repair Cover Plans, you can be certain of an annual stair lift repair service, and a responsive emergency callout service by the people who know your stairlift best.

Regular Maintenance and servicing by our fully qualified engineers should ensure that your stairlifts stays in good working order and problem free!
Priority Attention

In case of a complete breakdown, you can depend on a rapid response by one of our fully qualified nationwide stair lifts repair engineers.
If a problem arises, simply pick up the phone and help will be with you as soon as possible!
Avoid Costly Bills for stairlift repair

If you are not covered by a Care & Repair Cover Plan, stairlift repair bills can be both inconvenient and costly.
Replacing an essential part on your stair lift can often exceed the cost of a service contract and there is no guarantee of an engineer being available when you need one.
Stairlift Rental: Straight or Curved Stairlift Rental: Straight or Curved

Stairlift Rental: Straight or Curved

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Rent a Straight Stairlift, from £10 per week – Installation charge from £350
Rent a Curved Stairlift, from £16 per week – Installation charge from £995

In some circumstances it doesn’t make sense to buy a stairlift outright. Perhaps you’ll only be requiring a mobility lift for a short period? Or maybe you don’t have the funds in order to buy a stairlift? There are numerous attractive advantages to stairlift rental as opposed to purchasing one outright. For one thing, if you rent a stairlift then we’re responsible for it’s maintenance and upkeep! Our installations carry a full 24-hour callout and maintenance service, which is included in your monthly rental premium at no extra cost.
Flexible Stairlift Rental Service

We offer our rental service for the majority of straight staircases. Additionally, we can often accommodate small curves at the top, or fanned shaped stairs with a custom built transfer platform.

The stairlift rental service that we provide is second to none, as unlike many of our competitors we do not require you to sign a contract. You simply rent a stairlift for as long or as short a period as you wish!

Your lift can be fitted within a matter of days by one of our fully qualified engineers. Once on site, the installation will usually only take a couple of hours, leaving you to enjoy the access and freedom of the whole of your home!
Curved Rental Stairlifts Now Available

You may be reading this thinking “but I have a curved staircase. Does that mean stairlift rental isn’t an option for me?” We’re delighted to have recently added curved rental stairlifts to our list of services – so no matter what type of staircase you have, there is an appropriate solution for you!

Whether you’re looking to purchase or hire, our services are available throughout the UK, including our local area of Leicester and Birmingham.

Business Products

Straight Stairlifts Straight Stairlifts Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

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Associated Stairlifts offer straight stairlifts for sale throughout the UK. We offer the latest models from quality manufacturers, and we are able to install throughout Scotland, England & Wales. We even provide next day installation for straight stairs, along with bespoke stairlifts that can fit curved staircases.
Curved Stairlifts Curved Stairlifts Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts

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Curved Stairlifts are designed to fit around staircases that aren't just straight up and down. If your staircase has curves or turns, then you’ll almost certainly need a curved lift. Generally this is the best option, although if your staircase has a flat bed, then it may work out cheaper to have two separate straight lifts.

It’s important to remember that by opting for two straight installations, the user will have to transfer between the two mid-ascent. Bespoke Curved Stairlifts Up until now you may have been under the impression that if you have a windy, curved staircase then it wouldn’t be possible to get a stair lift, however it is achievable thanks to bespoke installations.

Reconditioned Stairlifts Reconditioned Stairlifts

Reconditioned Stairlifts

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Whether you're looking for an affordable stairlift for a curved or straight staircase, we can supply the perfect installation for your home.

Do you have a limited budget? Used stairlifts may be the perfect solution for you.

If you have a limited budget, then it may not be possible to buy a new installation outright. If this is the case, then an alternative option is to invest in a reconditioned product. Reconditioned stairlifts may be models that have had faults, but have been restored to perfect working-order, or they may be used stairlifts that have been refurbished to a high standard.

If you purchase one of our refurbished installations, then you know you are getting a stairlift that is as good as new! All of our used installations are in line with our reputation for quality, customer satisfaction and value for money. Our unbeatable prices make stairlifts accessible to as many customers as possible. To find out more about our reconditioned stairlifts, simply give our friendly team a call.

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41 Kenilworth Drive, Oadby

Leicester, LE2 5LT
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