Invictus Active

We provide solutions that will improve your lifestyle - bespoke wheelchairs, leg and arm exercise, fitness trainer and more. Using the right products on a daily basis can improve your lifestyle and we hope to be able to make these accessible. The fit of a wheelchair is something we are passionate about, using a wheelchair that is designed and built to your exact specification will make a huge difference - in partnership with Roma Sports we are able to achieve bespoke wheelchairs like no other.

The benefits of being ‘active' can be achieved through our exercise solutions, these include arm and leg movement, being able to stand easily and through our new product - the Invictus Active Trainer. We even have the solution for keeping track of your weight, portable scales specifically designed for a wheelchair. Our assessment and demonstration centre is based at Oldbury, in the centre of the UK, with a selected range of solutions available for you to see and try.